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Vacancies & Fees
Donna's Home Daycare

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I am registered to provide care for four children under the age of eight years old at any one time, in addition to my own children.

I calculate my fees to cover expenses such as food, drinks, electricity, petrol, insurance, safety equipment, arts and crafts resources, toys and equipment and any further training. My income is any money left over!


Opening Hours
I am available to work from 8am-6pm, weekdays only. I would consider other hours, on request, but may charge a premium for the service.
I have one part-time vacancy for a child under the age of five, plus a vacancy during school holidays for a child aged under eight.

Fees start at 2.50p/h for full-time care or 3.00p/h for part-time care. There is a minimum charge of five hours weekly.



There is NO SMOKING in this house while children are present.

I have a Labrador X dog who children will interact with and have access to.

I provide all food and drinks except baby formula or baby food. Those associated with religious observances or special dietary concerns to be arranged according to individuals needs.

I provide all toiletries except nappies, wipes, toothbrushes and paste.

You will need to provide a change of clothes, appropriate outdoor wear and comfort items.

I cannot care for children when they are ill because of the risk of cross infection and it may be necessary to exclude your child following exclusion periods as set out by the Local Health Authority.

I cannot give any form of medication unless it is prescribed by your Doctor, has your childs name on it AND I have written permission.

I have full Morton Michel Public Liability Insurance

I have Comprehensive Car Insurance cover for business use and will ensure that your child is in a seat appropriate for their weight at all times whilst travelling.

I WILL NOT use any form of physical punishment or humiliation in the discipline of your child.