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Daily Routines
Donna's Home Daycare

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Routines are subject to change at any time to accommodate the changing needs of children.

Term Time Routine
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Term Time

07.30 Breakfast

08.00 Arrivals and departures of children and parents.

08.30 School and nursery run.

09.15 Playgroups or Learning through play

10.30 Snacktime

11.00 Song or Story Time followed by Circle Time.

11.30 Nursery collections

12.00 Lunch

12.30 Tidy up time

13.00 Rest Period

13.15 Drawing, art, reading, puzzles quiet activities.

15.00 School run

15.45 Snacktime

16.00 TV time, free play or crafts, out-of-school activities, homework.

17.15 Tidy up time

17.30 Dinner


School Holidays

These are more flexible and activities vary.

Activities will include art and craft, construction, free play, assault courses, water play, painting, playdough, story time, dancing or moving to music, singing, going out to the park, shopping, etc. Themes such as Christmas, Easter, Seasons, or Colours are used. During a theme most of the activities, especially crafts, stories, songs and cooking will reflect some aspect of the theme.


I may take the children on outings, including to the beach or forest, or on visits within the local and regional community. I may ask for costs for these visits to be reimbursed, for example theatre tickets or entrance costs. I will provide meals on these excursions, although you are free to provide a packed lunch if you prefer.


Tidy Up Time 

Children are encouraged in a playful way to join in tidy up time. For younger children, games are improvised, for example seeing who can collect the most blocks or who can throw a soft toy into the boxes. Older children are also expected to tidy up the toys or activities, and also to carry their plates through to the kitchen.



I complete a daily diary for babies and toddlers so that parents are fully informed of their childs day. It includes meal times, food eaten, amount eaten, nappy changes, nap times, moods and activities. Routines are extremely flexible around babies and infants, and I feed on demand, not to a schedule.