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Childminding Standards
Donna's Home Daycare

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Ofsted have introduced childminding standards that all childminders must adhere to.

Ofsted inspect childminders on a regular basis and assess and evaluate the care they provide. They can judge the setting to be




In addition, if the childminder can demonstrate it, they can achieve an area of Outstanding Practice, although this is limited to one standard even if there are many areas of outstanding practice.

My most recent inspection was an unannounced visit in November 2003. The inspector awarded me a good with an area of outstanding practice for standard 12, working in partnership with parents and carers. I was extremely pleased at the result since this is the best achievement a childminder can reach.

Standard 1 :- Suitable Person.
Adults providing day care, looking after children or having unsupervised access to them are suitable to do so:- I, and my husband, have been thoroughly police checked. In addition, I have undertaken various forms of training to enable me to provide a good standard of provision.

Standard 2:- Organisation
The registered person meets required adult:child ratios, ensures that training and qualification requirements are met and organises space and resources to meet children's needs effectively:- I am registered for four children, in addition to my own. I plan my activities and resources carefully, fully aware of equal opportunities and the promotion of my own community.

Standard 3:- Care, Learning and Play
I meet children's individual needs and promote their welfare. I plan and provide activities and play opportunities to develop children's emotional, social and intellectual capabilities:- I use an annual curriculum to plan themes, and within those themes plan activities to meet the desirable learning outcomes, to promote development and to support the guidance for the foundation stage.

Standard 4:- Physical Environment
The premises are safe, secure and suitable for their purpose. They provide adequate space in appropriate location, are welcoming to children and have access to the necessary facilities for a range of activities which promote their development. I use local community playgroups, outdoor play settings and resources to widen the range of experiences offered to children.

Standard 5:- Equipment
Furniture, equipment and toys are provided which are appropriate for their purpose and help to create an accessible and stimulating environment. They are of suitable design and conditions, well maintained and conform to safety standards.

Standard 6:- Safety
I take positive steps to promote safety within the setting and on outings and ensure proper precautions are taken to prevent accidents. I use safety equipment, collect personal safety information on each child and have permission slips to enable me to keep children safe.

Standard 7:- Health
I promote the good health of children and take positive steps to prevent the spread of infection and appropriate measures when they are ill:- see policy on health.

Standard 8:- Food and Drink
Children are provided with regular drinks and food in adequate quantities for their needs. Food and drink is properly prepared, nutritious and complies with dietary and religious requirements:- see policy on meals and nutrition.

Standard 9:- Equal Opportunities
I promote equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children:- see equal opportunities policy.

Standard 10:- Special Needs (including special Education Needs and Disabilities)
I am aware that some children may have special needs and am proactive in ensuring that appropriate action can be taken when such a child is identified or admitted to the provision. Steps are taken to promote the welfare and development of the child within the setting in partnership with the parents and other relevant parties.

Standard 11:- Behaviour
Adults caring for children in the provision are able to manage a wide range of children's behaviour in a way which promotes their welfare and development:- I have attended a course on behaviour management and have a behaviour policy and house rules.

Standard 12:- Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers
I work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children, both individually and as a group:- I believe that parents are at all times their child's primary carer, and that we work together, share information and present a united front.

Standard 13:- Child Protection
I comply with local child protection procedures approved by the Area Child Protection Committee and ensure that I am able to put the procedures into practice:- I have a child protection policy, and will always refer any child I believe is in need to the appropriate authorities with written observations and incidents.

Standard 14:- Documentation
Records, policies and procedures which are required for the efficient and safe management of the provision and to promote the welfare, care and learning of children, are maintained. Records about individual children are shared with the child's parent:- I have and use policies, contracts, child records, medicine and incident books, permission slips, diaries, registers and questionnaires. Parents are required to sign various forms and share informtion.

Annex A Babies and Children Under 2.
Those are additional criteria to be met by childminders who wish to care for babies.

Annex B Overnight Care:-
These are additional criteria to be met by childminders who wish to care for children overnight. I do not provide overnight care.